Funeral Information

Please contact the church office for more information about funeral services at Decatur First United Methodist Church. 

Our hearts are with the brokenhearted and the grieving. If you would like, please fill out a Prayer Request Form. We are honored by the opportunity to join with your family in prayer.

Memorial Columbarium

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a permanent structure to hold cremated human remains, called cremains. The placing of remains in a sealed compartment, called a niche, is called inurnment.

Is cremation Biblically sound?

In the Christian faith, cremation is widely recognized and accepted as a theologically valid process for the bodily remains of the deceased. The Bible does not expressly commend or prohibit cremation. What the Bible does affirm is God's creative power in the resurrection of the dead. God originally created us from dust and the promise of the resurrection testifies to God's ability to create us anew for Heaven's dwelling.

What are the benefits?

Inurnment afford First Church members and their families the opportunity to select their final resting place in the shadow of the church, a site of beauty and dignity where loved ones can visit and meditate any time.

It eliminates the pressures of choosing a burial site, casket, vault, and monument. It provides a place for inurnment immediately adjacent to the sanctuary, eliminating the need to travel from the church to the cemetery or another location.

It provides a substantial savings. The combined cost of a columbarium niche and cremation is typically less than one-fourth that of a casket, curial site, and gravestone.


We currently have 6 niches available in our 48-niche cabinet.